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Adiposis Dolorosa (DD-painful fatty tumors)

PostPosted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 4:35 pm
by MsMLG
Posting on a site like this is all new to me, so bear with me. Thanks.
I am really excited about the news from Bio-Specifics Technologies regarding the treatment of lipomas. My lipomas from Adiposis Dolorosa (DD) are all sizes, some on my arms, legs, face, hands and upper torso, and some internally, pressing on internal organs. I am currently feeling more forming on and around my right knee... have a feeling of ice water running under the surface, then swelling occurring, and now numbness in that area. Apparently, the lipomas will continue to form for whatever reason...? For a number of reasons, I am not a good candidate for surgery on these lumps (or large masses in some areas).
Questions: Is Bio-Specifics Technologies looking to recruit individuals who are willing to be a part of their clinical studies?
Are there any studies being done in the Houston, TX area at this time or will there be in the near future?
I look forward to hearing from anyone that has any information on this specific study on the Treatment of Human Lipomas and knowledge of any recruiting of individuals for clinical trials research.
Thanks very much.
(Note: As I tried to submit this posting, I got a message that there was a word that was offensive in my text. Apparently, it was the second syllable of the actual name of the disease which medical name is Adiposis Dolorosa. This site needs to accept the real name of this disease commonly abbreviated to DD and accept this name of the doctor who treated President Woodrow Wilson and used his own name for the disease.)

Re: Adiposis Dolorosa lipomas

PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 7:39 pm
by jlantrip
From the response I got in email the trials are taking place on the East coast, but no specifics about that.