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CCH Trial

PostPosted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 4:49 pm
by jcecchettini
It was with great interest that I read the Wall Street Journal article (01/09/2014) regarding "Positive Top-line Data from Phase 2 Clinical Trial of CCH for the Treatment of Human Lipoma"

I am a layperson, but my husband suffers from Adiposis Dolorosa,, a rare syndrome in which the cardinal symptom is multiple, painful lipomas. The lipomas are "non-encapsulated and may contain excess connective tissue or are angiolipomas" (Dr. Karen L. Herbst, I would include her web address as well as an informative white paper, but as a new user, I am being restricted from posting hypelinks and no .pdf's are accepted)

I am wondering if the CCH trials conducted so far have been on "regular" (??) lipomas, or have there been any patients in the study with angiolipomas or multiplying painful lipomas, as best described by Dr. Herbst?

P.S. This syndrome has been named after the Dr. that first categorized it, but apparently, the doctor's name includes "bad words" that are not allowed on this site. This is also true for the word "doc*ment" which I also tried to include in this post, but contains the same bad word....... The site administrator may want to consider modifying this restriction to allow the free flow of conversation and ideas.